Sep 28, 2020 · This scalloped potatoes recipe is a classic from Gourmet, simply made with softened onions, an easy roux, and thinly sliced potatoes.While the recipe calls for boiling potatoes, and medium-starch ... Sep 13, 2018 · I know moms get me on this one! ... Scalloped Potatoes; Oven Baked Potatoes; Cheesy Oven Roasted Potatoes; Easy Oven Roasted Potatoes. 5 from 8 votes. Simply seasoned, easy oven roasted potatoes make the ideal side dish for a meat and potatoes dinner. A high baking temperature makes the potatoes sizzle and brown nicely. May 27, 2019 · Scalloped Corn Casserole. Scalloped corn casserole with cheese is the side dish that brings more flavors that really kicks your meal up a notch. We made this casserole for a special meal with both sets of parents. The Swiss cheese adds a great flavor and the eggs and crackers make the dish very filling. Directions. Preheat oven to 350°. In a small bowl, mix creamer and water until smooth. In a small saucepan, heat butter over medium heat. Stir in flour, onion, salt and paprika until smooth; gradually add creamer mixture. Mom's Red Scalloped Potatoes Jennifer Seymour. Mom's Red Scalloped Potatoes Scootershooter. Mom's Red Scalloped Potatoes Tamra Harbo. Mom's Red Scalloped Potatoes jaquelynny + 24 24 more images. Recipe Summary test. prep: 20 mins . cook: 1 hr 10 mins . total: 1 hr 30 mins . Servings: 10 . Yield: 10 servings . Nutrition Info. Jun 04, 2019 · Cheesy Scalloped potatoes are the perfect comfort food… creamy, rich and cheesy; but they always take so long to cook! Not anymore! This recipe uses a method that will show you how to make this cheesy goodness in about half of the time of traditional scalloped potatoes recipe!. My mom taught me an easy little trick that speeds up the cooking of the potatoes and … Mom's friend gave her this recipe for Crock-Pot scalloped potatoes and ham years ago, and she shared it with me. When we have leftover ham to use up, it's the most-requested recipe at my house. —Kelly Graham, St. Thomas, Ontario In a greased 6-qt. slow cooker, layer half of the potatoes, ham ... Mom's Scalloped Potatoes. Mom always makes the best recipes! It's what brings the family together… More (4 Votes) 1 Hr 5 Min. Utah's Best Funeral Potatoes. When you're called upon to comfort someone and need the perfect… More (60 Votes) 50 Min. Southern Potato Bake. Sep 17, 2020 · Potatoes go with just about anything. You will love this buttered potato recipe in the electric pressure cooker. Feel free to use baby potatoes, red potatoes or anything you have on hand. Potatoes in the instant pot take only a few minutes thanks to pressure cooking. We also love roasted potatoes with olive oil and mashed potatoes. Oct 06, 2020 · Scalloped Corn Casserole in a Pyrex Turquoise Snowflake Casserole dish Tips and Tricks for Scalloped Corn Casserole. Do not expect a firm casserole. This is creamy and does not hold its shape. When using a smaller but taller casserole, you will have to cook it anywhere from 50-60 minutes to cook it properly. Apr 15, 2020 · Mom’s Oven Pork Chops and Potatoes Recipe: There are a few dishes that define our childhood. Cheesy Ham and Potato Casserole, Tuna Casserole, Salmon Patties, Oven Baked Pork Ribs, Beef Stew and this one pan pork chop and potato dish. All of these were on regular rotation in our house, and each of these holds a special place in my heart. Mom's Scalloped Potatoes Debbie Finnegan. Mom's Scalloped Potatoes Randy Schmidt + 101 101 more images. Recipe Summary test. prep: 30 mins . cook: 45 mins . total: 1 hr 15 mins . Servings: 6 . Yield: 6 servings . Nutrition Info. Mom's Scalloped Potatoes in a yellow dish. Advertisement. Ingredients. Decrease Serving. 6. Easy Scalloped Corn. by Bergy (10) Scalloped Potatoes, Corn and Pork Chop Casserole. by looneytunesfan (8) scalloped corn. by crazymom (5) Mom's Scalloped Corn. by internetnut (3) View All Recipes I Want to Discover. View Suggestions BACK TO TOP The Discovery Family of Networks HGTV; Nov 06, 2020 · In a greased 2.5 quart casserole dish, layer potatoes and ham with sauce spooned over. Repeat layers (usually 3-4). Top with the remaining sauce. Cover and bake for 65-75 minutes or until potatoes are almost tender. Dot with remaining butter and bake, uncovered, for 15-20 minutes longer or until potatoes are fully tender. Dec 17, 2017 · 3 cups heavy cream. 1 cup whole milk. 4 sprigs fresh thyme. 2 bay leaves. 2 teaspoons table salt. ½ teaspoon ground black pepper. 4 pounds russet potatoes, peeled and cut into 1/8-inch-thick slices Mashed, scalloped, in a casserole or topped with crunchy pecans — there are so many ways to cook potatoes and sweet potatoes. Whether you’re looking for a … Oct 15, 2019 · what are funeral potatoes? There are certain side dishes that have to be made on Thanksgiving in our family. Some of those include my aunt’s super yummy Ham, my mom’s famous rolls, and several side dishes, including Funeral Potatoes (also known as Cheesy Potato Casserole, Party Potatoes, Cheesy Potatoes, etc.).. Yes, we do have classic Mashed Potatoes … May 02, 2016 · Peel the potatoes, then using a mandolin, or sharp knife – do a medium slice on your potatoes. They should be between a quarter and a half inch thick). Slice the onions thinly. Grease an 8 x 8 baking dish, and preheat the oven. Layer the potatoes, onions, flour, salt and pepper, about 3 times. On the last layer – add the butter. Apr 04, 2020 · Mom's Scalloped Potatoes Without Cheese are crispy on the outside, buttery soft on the inside. Made the old-fashioned way, this is simply the best scalloped potatoes recipe! These are my favorite potatoes of all time. Buttery with a browned, crunchy top crust, Mom's scalloped potatoes without cheese just melt in your mouth. Trisha Yearwood calls her mom's easy scalloped potatoes "a wow in your mouth," thanks to the warming spices of cayenne pepper, nutmeg and paprika that … Nov 17, 2021 · Ingredient Notes. This ingredient list may look simple, but it’s all you need for the best scalloped potatoes: Turnips – peeled + sliced 1/8″ thick.To peel, cut off the top and bottom with a sharp knife, then use a veggie peeler to remove the skin.To slice, use a mandoline, or a sharp knife and careful cut. Oct 10, 2018 · Baked Scalloped Corn Casserole. I was looking through my recipe box as we were cleaning out our kitchen last week and stumbled across my mom’s scalloped corn recipe. This is the corn casserole I grew up on. I love old, handwritten recipes. This one I … Aug 23, 2018 · Scalloped potatoes are a homey, rich dish, perfect for a cool evening or a winter potluck. Slices of russet potatoes baked into a creamy, cheesy sauce complement baked ham, prime rib or roast turkey. It can even be a meal in itself when served with a crusty loaf of bread and a side salad.